Victorious Scotland Virtually Vanquishes England and Wales

cotland were the kings of the virtual battlefield last weekend (Jan 30th), as the Settlers III Wireplay challenge played out to a nail-biting finish. In the first competition of its kind, and playing from their capital cities, the English, Welsh and Scottish teams   fought online for almost seven hours before a titanic battle endedwith the Scots triumphant.

Thanks to BT Wireplay's superior Internet technology, the Settlers III Wireplay Challenge was the first virtual battle between the three home countries in which contestants did not have to physically and geographically meet in order to play.

Blue Byte PR Manager, Marcus Beer, said; "We were delighted at the success of  the challenge. The interest it generated among spectators and press is testament to the fact that the online gaming community is now firmly established. Setting up a national competition was a natural step in its development.'

He went on to add, 'Settlers III was the obvious choice for the competition as it allows a true co-operative, multi-player experience through colonization, trade and combat. Without team work, none of the players would have achieved what they did. Events such as this do a lot to dispel the theory that computer gaming is a totally antisocial  pastime.'

Spectators flocked to watch the competition at the Playing Fields in London, Reality X in Edinburgh, The Games Room in Cardiff and also viewed online through the BT Wireplay service.

Each team consisted of 3 players and 1 reserve with Non Playing Captains from BT Wireplay (England), The South Wales Argus (Cardiff) and PC Format (Scotland) on hand to offer advice and tips throughout the afternoon.

Playing over a specially designed 9 player map, battle commenced at 1pm GMT. Each team had six hours to build their own settlements, develop trade routes with other team members and build up their forces in an effort to conquer their opponents.

As well as competing for the title 'UK Settlers III Champions', the teams also had the chance of winning a number of prizes ranging from Club 18-30 holidays to Guillemot Graphics cards and Saitek Peripherals. To add further spice to the tournament, the players had the chance to win money for a charity of their choice by being the  first to complete certain goals during the game. Scotland again came out on top, winning 350 for Charity while Wales and England won 75 for respectively.

Settlers III has been created for those who prefer challenging strategic simulation games to 'beat-em-up' games. Retailing at 34.99, and available in all major high street stores, Settlers III offers an engaging and exciting experience for players as they build settlements and use a myriad of resources available to dominate a Roman, Egyptian or Asian environment.

Many thanks go to all the participants and also to the event sponsors:

WireplayGuillemot AMD

Saitek The Playing Fields

Gamerush Playing Centres