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updated January 31, 2001

January 31, 2001
On your marks, get set, GO! A new, unified lobby for all Blue Byte games (including Settlers III) has launched on the BLUE BYTE GAME CHANNEL. As the name "Play & Chat" suggests, the new lobby provides a range of extra chat features, convenient multiplayer sessions, an auto update function and a brand new messaging and news system.
Play & Chat - the new lobby starts here.

January 12, 2001
The Settlers are escaping from your monitors and hard-drives! Collectible Figures Available NOW!
Until now, the eponymous heroes of Blue Byte's strategy-packed economic simulation series, THE SETTLERS, have never actually left the spacious confines of the computers in which they happily reside. But all that is set to change … now gamers and collectors alike have their first opportunity to come face-to-face with Blue Byte's industrious little characters! Blue Byte has released THE SETTLERS: COLLECTIBLE FIGURES. The must-have items are in stores in the U.K. from January 19

November 10
Looking for new Settlers III maps?
Blue Byte considers this fan site to be one of the best locations to upload and download new maps

November 7
S3UC Proves Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder
The Settlers III Ultimate Collection has been reviewed by the Russell Group on Games. Here's an excerpt from the highly favorable appraisal: "The combat model is appropriately tailored to the target audience. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy. What little fighting that does occur is not particularly gruesome (i.e. there are no blood splatters or severed limbs left lying on the ground). In fact, when one of your soldiers is eliminated, you see his spirit ascend to the heavens as an indication of his demise. It's a cute effect and in keeping with the overall warmth of the design. (Hardcore gamers be forewarned; the cartoon-ish graphics may put you off at first look but give the game a chance.)"
Get a load more detail and opinion direct from the review itself.

October 30
Blue Byte releases first downloadabe mini-game
THE SETTLERS®: SMACK A THIEF! is Blue Byte's new mini-game where you and your Roman soldiers will have your hands full keeping those plundering Vikings from pilfering your gold.
Hurry over to the Blue Byte Game Channel and download it now!

August 02
Gamecenter Reviews The Settlers III Ultimate Collection
Blue Byte's recently released title, The Settlers III Ultimate Collection, has been reviewed by the popular videogame website, Gamecenter. "Blue Byte Software is bundling The Settlers III and all of its add-ons as a nice budget-priced collection," says the report. " The Settlers III Ultimate Collection is well worth your time -- it combines all the best aspects of a puzzle game with some of the finer aspects of an RTS." Head over to the full review now to find out more.

June 22
The Romans. The Egyptians. The Asians. The Amazons. Who will dominate the new world order? The answer lies with you! Choose your society. Construct your civilization. Destroy your enemies. See what this Ultimate Collection includes!

May 25
Update to version 1.60
The update to version 1.60 removes the 'coal bug'. We have taken all of your feedback in the form of mail and postings into account, and we wish you trouble-free settling and exciting battles in the ranking lists.
As always, you will find the update in the Download section.

Mar 03
Thank you for the SETTLERS III maps and all those Tips & Tricks!

A number of SETTLERS fans have made their Settlers maps and Tips & Tricks available to us for the SETTLERS III GOLD EDITION. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all once again! Here is the list.

Feb 02
New Lobby Online

The new lobby of Settlers III is now online.
We have dramatically improved our hardware and have chosen a new provider to ensure once again carefree online fun settling with THE SETTLERS III. As always, we will be keeping an eye on our forum on these pages to hear your opinions about the functionality of the new server. Thank you for all your feedback!

Jan 12
Game Vortex recently reviewed Quest Of The Amazons
Read the review here.

Dec 02
Womengamers has reviewed The Settlers III.
Read the review here.

Nov 19 reviews Quest Of The Amazons.
"Quest of the Amazons provides the crowning refinement to the Settlers series, while offering many new challenges". Rating: 3.5/5
Read the full review here.

Nov 03
Something new for the SETTLERS III World Ranking Lists:

To make the SETTLERS III World Ranking Lists more exciting,  we have tinkered with the rules. Players that are resting on their laurels and inactive in defending their positions will now gradually lose points. After a week of inactivity, every further day without play will mean a loss of 15 points for single players. For clans the loss will start after two weeks of inactivity.
For the best of the best we now have the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME. All players and clans that now achieve a place in the top ten of the World Ranking Lists will be inducted into the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME! The starting page will now also show the best three players and best three clans.

Oct 11
Hotgames / Blue Byte Giveaway!
We've teamed up with Hot Games in our Quest Of The Amazons Giveaway!

Simply answer 3 easy questions and you're in with a chance to WIN some great prizes. We're giving away:

  • 10 copies of Quest Of The Amazons
  • 10 copies of The Settlers III
  • 5 copies of The Settlers III Strategy Guide

Oct 08
4 out of 5 at!Review for Amazons
Quest of The Amazons has been reviewed over at
Check it out to see what they say!

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