Wood and Water

VICTORY CONDITION: Conquer the seventeen garrisoned buildings (castles and guard towers, large and small) around the southern mountain. The area to be conquered is encircled by stones.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.
You destroyed one of the guard towers you should have conquered instead.

SITUATION: No water, no wood. We will have to take evasive action. Supposedly, there is a mountain full of resources, forests and rivers in the south. It is going to be a long haul.

REPORT BY HELIOS: It was obvious to everyone that the Romans could not hold out forever against the Amazon's determined attacks. Soon they staged an orderly retreat, but by that time the Egyptians had managed to raise a settlement of their own without attracting the Amazon's attention. Unfortunately, Horus had not noticed the lack of forests and water...which may be what happens when you plan your strategy in a sandbox. Suddenly he had no alternative but to seize the mountain in the Amazons' southern territory.



Get off to a good start by converting 50 settlers into pioneers and expanding your territory to include the entire island.

Because of the sparseness of trees it is important that you build 2 - 3 forester's huts at once. After that you should continue with 3 woodcutter's huts and a sawmill.

Next, you should quickly explore the mountain in the west for resources and see to it that there is enough food (fish and bread) for the miners. Choose the spots for your mines carefully (at least 3 iron ore mines and 6 coal mines). Your next building projects should be an iron smelting works and a tool smith's works because you will otherwise run out of hammers and picaxes.

If you are careful selecting the locations, you can get 3 - 4 weapon smith's works going at full capacity.

Keep in mind that the Egyptians need grain not only for producing bread but also for making beer. Build 2 more grain farms to cover these needs.

Try to get your manna production going as quickly as possible.

Take full advantage of the Egyptians' ability to increase their fighting strength quickly by building 3 gem mines.

Set your adjustments to recruit a 70% mix of swordsmen and spearmen (more than 80% fighting strength and sergeant rank). See to it that your troops are sent to attack the enemy towers in compact formations so that you can minimalize your losses.

You should continually make sure you have enough settlers by building large residences and enough soldiers by producing enough weapons.

The troops you send into battle should include at least 25 soldiers that should attack 2 -3 towers at the same time.

The conditions for attaining victory should present you no further problems.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus