VICTORY CONDITION: Conquer the three small guard towers on the southwestern coast (in the middle of a circle of stones) within an hour's time.

Hold those towers for at least 10 minutes.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You ran out of time.
One of the towers was destroyed.
Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: Glavius still has not quite escaped the wrath of Jupiter. Therefore, Jupiter sends us on a suicide mission: "Take three towers and be quick about it!" And then we are supposed to hold them for a while - against the superior strength of the Amazons.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Having uncovered Q'nqra's duplicity, my friends took to the offensive. Jupiter, still far too enraged to think clearly, was turned loose to charge ahead. His aim was to raise an outpost, then hold it against Penthesilea's Amazons. It was a daring move, but Jupiter was fighting mad...



Right at the very beginning you should get your thieves on board a transport ship and send them to a bay in the southwest of the main island (enemy territory). There you will find two storage areas which your thieves can plunder.

At the same time back on your home island you should expand your territory to the east with pioneers and build a medium residence to increase the number of pioneers. As soon as your pioneers have reached the edge of the forest, you can get started with your wood and stone production.

You can then have your geologist begin exploring the mountain for mineral resources. You should build 2 iron ore mines and 4 coal mines in suitable spots. You will also need to build up your food production (fish and bread), build an iron smelting works and works for your tool smith and weapons smith.

There are also 2 or 3 suitable places on the island for a winegrower. This will allow you to recruit your first promoted soldiers. It is important that you recruit new soldiers in the ratio of 50% bowmen and 50% a mix of swordsmen and spearmen (all of the soldiers should have the rank of sergeant).

As soon as your swordsmen and spearmen attack the first of the three towers surrounded by stone, your computer opponent will try to beat your troops back, but, here your bowmen come in handy. You should make sure that you constantly send reinforcements to the bay. Once you have managed to take control of the three towers surrounded by stone, you only have to keep the reinforcements coming in order to retain control of these towers.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus