No Wonder

VICTORY CONDITION: Destroy the Roman colony to regain Jupiter's favor and helpful miracles.

Convert at least 10 Amazons...

...before (!) destroying the Amazon colony.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: Curse on Glavius and his simple-mindedness. He will live to regret believing Penthesilea's honeyed words. Jupiter is infuriated and refuses us any assistance, but we will smash Glavius' colony to pulp. And then we go after the Amazons.

REPORT BY HELIOS: I have never seen Jupiter as enraged as he was when he discovered one of his Roman governors had allied himself with the Amazons. At least that finally explained why darling Q'nqra'd had a smile on her face, despite her recent defeats.

I can't think of a plague or deluge or firestorm that Jupiter omitted from his threats against the traitors. He even threatened to hurl my Chariot of Fire into their midst, until I reminded him that the Gorgons wouldn't know when to open for business.

In time we calmed him down and he put his apocalyptic plans on hold until the Amazons had been banished from the face of the earth. And until his loyal troops had crushed the rebellion, there would be no more miracles from him.



Actually, you have everything you need at your starting position. You don't have much room, though, for building your settlement. There is a mountain chain (1) in the west and some lakes in the east which can make expansion a little more difficult.

The mountain in the east is helpful since it has enough and iron ore to keep you supplied at least for a while. There is also gold in sufficient quantities there. You should, therefore, first expand your territory to the east to take control of the mountain. You can then quickly begin producing tools and weapons. Build your smelting works and smith works (2) und (3) to the north and south of the mountain to keep the transport distances to the mines as small as possible.

While the mines are being built on the mountain in the east, you should have some pioneers expanding your territory to the west where you will find another mountain and large supplies of building stone (4). This mountain in the west has only coal and iron ore, which makes it a suitable location for a second facility for weapon production.

The best fishing spots are the lakes, the northeasternmost of the four lakes is especially full of fish and a fisherman's hut is already built on its shore.

In this mission you can set up your defense so that your opponent has difficulties getting to you. Two positions are ideal. The first is the muddy terrain in your territory Here you can build a couple more towers on the western side and tear down the ones on the eastern side. At least a part of the enemy troops will be making their way through mud which will slow them down and give your bowmen additonal time to thin the attacking ranks.

The second position (6) offers a similar opportunity. In this case the terrain is swampland, but the strategy remains the same. Build the towers so that your bowmen can fire on and weaken the enemy as they come through the narrow pass. One of these alternatives should be sufficient. Both have the same function. You can shift your defense from one position to the other but this will require using more materials. If you have enough diggers and builders and plenty of wood and stone, there is no reason not to do this.

You should lead your first attack against your treacherous Roman countrymen because they are to blame that you can not use any spells. The Amazons should be left in peace for the time being. You should avoid having to battle on two fronts because many more soldiers would be necessary to do this. Fortunately the rebellious Romans in the north have the same handicap as you: they cannot use spells either and you are spared their damaging effects. The Roman soldiers attain their highest ranks quickly, though, and prove to be tenacious opponents. In spite of this, you should attack them head-on and continue to advance with a large group of soldiers (about 200) and completely destroy their colony. After you have eliminated the Roman menace, you should regather your soldiers and strengthen their numbers with soldiers you have recruited in the meantime. Remember that you now have spells at your disposal. For your attack against the Amazons take enough priests along with you because you will need them to fulfil the goals of this mission. You have to convert at least 10 Amazons so that they realize that their plan has failed and that you once again have Jupiter's magic backing you up again!


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus