Bad Deal

VICTORY CONDITION: The Amazons' gong production must be destroyed within 75 minutes.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

You destroyed one of the towers you had to conquer instead.

SITUATION: Horus has a quarrel with the Amazons and we have to get things back on track. As if the Egyptians were of any interest to us. Well, anyway, it should be not that much of a problem to convince the Amazons to refrain from producing gongs.

REPORT BY HELIOS: While Jupiter was sleeping off another hangover, Horus manipulated the pliable Ch'ih-Yu (who was yet again unable to say "no" quickly enough) into teasing Q'nqra. Horus called it a job hardly worthy of Ch'ih-Yu's skill, but one that would certainly add to his fame. Still, Ch'ih-Yu hesitated, until Horus offered half an oxen to seal the deal. Horus's idea of teasing Q'nqra was to have Ch'ih-Yu shut down the Amazon's production of the Holy Gongs for good ...



Don't get worried when you can't find your towers - you don't have any, at least not a the beginning. You only have some pioneers, soldiers, priests, thieves, geologists and a few cannons.

The easiest approach here is to send your cannons ahead and fire on the towers. Use your troops to protect your cannons. If everything goes well, you be able to destroy all the towers without conquering them. You can then take the territory with your pioneers and get on with some settling.

You will find all of the necessary basic building materials in the storage areas, that is, where they were, or hidden in the woods. Get started at once producing enough wood and stone. On the mountain nearby you will find coal and iron ore (see map). Remember to keep your miners fed with enough fish.

In order to promote your soldiers, you will have to expand your territory to incorporate the small areas of swampland in the north. Use your pioneers for this. Then you can get started producing manna.

From this point you have three possibilities for continuing.

The first possibility is "the more, the merrier". You just recruit as many soldiers as you can and get them all promoted to their highest rank. Increasing their fighting strength will be difficult. Gold can only be found in a few small areas which are also difficult to reach.

The second possibility makes use of the sulfur deposits available. You can build a couple cannons which you can use to deal with the majority of the enemy towers and then you can capture the rest of the territory using your pioneers.

The third possibility is a combination of the first two along with the use of the tactic of surprise. You send almost all the cannons you produce as well as some 80 - 100 soldiers (the majority swordsmen and spearmen) through the middle.

The remaining troops are then divided between the two other ways.

Now it becomes a matter of the proper coordination. First, only 3 large towers along the middle way are destroyed. Shortly before this, you should make sporadic attacks at the other two passages. In most cases all of the enemy troops will then rush to the buildings being attacked (there could be exceptions).

Now you can clear the way with cannons and leave only three towers around the gong halls standing (they should not be right next to eachother, otherwise the entire area will not be covered; ideally the north, southwest and southeast).

All that remains is capturing these towers.

Whether the last possibility works or not depends on the coordination of the troops sometimes. It is the most difficult but at the same time the fastest variant.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus