Retreat and Regroup

VICTORY CONDITION: Defeat the Amazons at all costs!

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: Our first attempt wasn't really much of a success. What remained was only a retreat with the hope of getting our economy going quickly enough that a second try might be more successful.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Horus had given birth to one of his ingenious sandbox plans again, and it had been an ingenious disaster. His surprise attack turned into a rout in which he nearly lost his feathery hide.

Because his comrades were still recovering from celebrating their victories, all Horus could do was try to save his soldiers and pioneers, and keep the Amazons from overrunning his forces entirely.

Jupiter's response upon being awakened with the news was that Horus was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Then he rolled over and told me to wake him again when the Gorgons opened for business.



You begin at position (1) with a few soldiers and a lot of pioneers. The first thing you want to do is get as many of your settlers as possible safely to your basis in the south (3).  There is, however, enemy land secured by guard towers between your starting position and your settlement. Put your settlers into groups and send the soldiers ahead since they can endure more than the pioneers when they are attacked by the enemy bowmen. You won't be able to get all your settlers to the basis safely but the more you get through, the faster you will be able to build up and defend the settlement.

Your soldiers will often be distracted along the way and try to attack enemy towers or enemy soldiers. Prevent them from doing this and get them to the south as quickly as possible!

Problem: I keep getting overrun by the enemy!

If you have saved the game from the point where you have arrived in the south and you find yourself continually overrun after several attempts to defend yourself, it is better to start over at the beginning of the mission, trying to get more soldiers to the south safely. This will make the defense of the settlement later considerably easier!

Problem: Where are the fish on this map?

The best fishing spot is the bay of palms (4) to the west of the settlement.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus