VICTORY CONDITION: Establish a thriving settlement and produce 600 manna points.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You have been completely obliterated.

SITUATION: Very kind indeed of the Egyptians to back us up, even though we do not need that. Like as not it is going to be us who will have to support those dune hoppers. At least, we can see to our settlement till then. And provide Ch'ih-Yu with plenty of rice wine.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Having had their taste of battle with the Amazons, my old friends conspired and planned. Ch'ih-Yu was assigned the first mission, for no better reason than that he was incapable of saying 'no' to the others. Charged with raising a settlement in a key area, Horus would protect the Asian troops by intercepting the Amazons' attacks. Though Horus surprised us all when he volunteered for the mission, I suspect he meant only to prompt another tributary pyramid from his subjects.

In the meantime, Jupiter was to devote himself to a plot for revenge against Q'nqra, and devote himself he did. While the others fought he missed not a drop at our table.



Battles are of secondary importance in this mission.

As in nearly all missions, it is important to build up a good infrastructure.

To get going you should build a medium residence, 3 woodcutter's huts, 1 forester's hut and a sawmill. Afterwards, you can build a stonecutter's hut.

Change your first new settlers into pioneers, sending part of them to expand your territory in the direction of the mountain and another part toward the east in the direction of the swamp.

Now you should pump up your wood production so that you have altogether 6 woodcutter's huts, two forester's huts and a sawmill. You should also build another 2 medium residences.

As soon as the residences have been built, convert some of the carriers to pioneers and send them to the east to support the other pioneers there.

Now you should build a couple fisherman's huts so that you can feed the first coal and iron ore miners.

As soon as you have produced 40 weapons, you should change your adjustments so that 60% of weapon production goes to bows and the rest divided to swords and spears. In this mission soldiers are only used for defense. Now it is time to concentrate more on the swamplands and to build up your manna production.

You should also occasionally have your soldiers promoted and set to defense.

In this way you should have no problems attaining the 600 manna points you need.


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Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus