The Egyptians

VICTORY CONDITION: Establish your colony in the southwest and survive for 2 hours.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You have been completely decimated.

SITUATION: Horus is anticipating an attack from the women soon and wants to begin a new colony as a tactical diversion until the true colony has gained sufficient strength.

REPORT BY HELIOS: When Ch'ih-Yu finally returned it took time - and a great deal of food - to restore his spirits. Horus wisely learned from the laxity of the others and confided - as one sun god to another - that he was using an evasive maneuver to distract the Amazons' attention.

It was a fortunate move, for in no time it was he who was missing from the rounds at our table. Holding his position until reinforcements could reach his remote settlement would not be easy, but then again Horus had always regarded himself a master strategist. Maybe that's what you tell yourself when the subjects you rule live in an oversized sandbox.



In this mission the first 15 minutes are especially important because the settlement has to be moved to a more secure area.

First you have to convert your carriers to pioneers so that they can move outside your current borders. Then the pioneers and soldiers can be sent to the more secure area in one of two ways.

  • You can simply race through enemy territory as briskly as possible and risk the loss of some settlers. There are two passages, (2) and (3), which lead to the desired location. Both passages involve crossing enemy territory though...
  • Your second alternative involves building a transport ship which can be commissioned at the shipyards (1). When the transport ship is finished, the pioneers and soldiers can be brought on board and then sent to the secure area, first sailing southward and then westward.  This is a considerably safer choice but is also more time-consuming.

After reaching this area you should concentrate on getting your defense up to par as quickly as possible. Some large towers should be built near the isthmus in the east. Afterwards, you should devote your efforts to recruiting enough soldiers that you can withstand enemy attacks that will follow.

Thieves prove to be very useful for not only enriching your own supply of goods and materials but also for disrupting your opponents' production of tools and weapons.

Problem: I can't manage to get my settlers to the new area safely.

Try the different alternatives described above. You won't always manage to break through on the first try. You might also try a diversionary tactic. Attack your opponent with one soldier somewhere in his settlement and then quickly move through his territory with the rest of your settlers. It is also a good idea to save your game at opportune stages.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus