VICTORY CONDITION: Produce 150 bars of gold.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You have been completely demolished.

SITUATION: What is going on here? Women, who go to war instead of taking care of children. It was understandable that our warriors only defended themselves half-heartedly at the beginning. And Jupiter will certainly help us convert those female barbarians to our side.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Jupiter was enraged. Not only were the Amazons poised to overwhelm one of his settlements at Q'nqra's request, but it was beginning to look as if his subjects were incapable of defending themselves. When he finally managed to slip away for a goblet of wine at the Gorgons, he said they'd even become desperate enough to bother him with converting soldiers.

Clearly he was not enjoying himself. To tussle a bit with Horus or Ch'ih-Yu was all in good fun - but these were women, and they were winning! But though he struggled with too few soldiers and not enough iron, there was still gold to be had...and Jupiter always enjoyed his riches ...



Right at the beginning you should convert the Amazon warriors to have more military muscle for your defense and to get to the iron ore deposits in the mountains (2). Then get started as soon as possible with recruiting soldiers. Keep in mind that you only have to defend yourself in this mission. This means recruiting primarily spearmen and bowmen and building some big towers to prepare an optimal defense.

As soon as your settlement is well secured, you can concentrate on producing gold. For defending against heavy enemy attacks you can use magic - "Convert Barbarians" is especially effective.

Your opponent will generally approach across a ford in the river (3). Don't build any towers too near the enemy because this provokes them to attack earlier and more aggressively.

Problem: I don't have enough soldiers (and no iron ore to produce weapons so that I can recruit more soldiers)!

The mountain to the west only has deposits of coal and gold - no iron ore will be found there. Fom the very beginning though, you have enough manna to allow your priests to cast the "Convert Barbarians" spell. Have your priests cast this spell at position (2). There are a couple Amazon warriors there guarding the iron ore deposits. This is your only nearby possibility of getting access to the iron ore you need.

Take your priests and try to convert, if possible, all of the Amazons positioned around the tower in one go so that you can take over the tower and thus have control of this valuable mountain with its iron ore resources.

Get an early start on mining and smelting gold because this mission requires that you produce 150 bars of gold. The faster you do this, the faster you can bring this mission to a successful conclusion. Don't forget to keep your settlement adequately defended. All of the gold you have smelted is worthless if your colony is overrun by the Amazons.

Problem: I can't find enough building stone!

There is a strip of desert (1) in the northwest where building stone can be found in sufficient quantities. Use your pioneers to take control of this area as quickly as possible!

Problem: I can't find enough fish!

There is a lake to the east of your settlement with adequate supplies of fish.


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Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus