There for the taking

VICTORY CONDITION: Destroy all the enemy's pyramids and large temples.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: The Amazons are as good as defeated. The Egyptians should be able to deal with them. After all, it was Horus with his sand-table exercises who had gotten us into this nice mess. We will go and see if the Amazons and Egyptians can provide us with some kind of compensation. We are desperate for some coal. Fortunately, our enemies have more than enough of that stuff ...

REPORT BY HELIOS: When Horus finally put his planning to good use, Jupiter was already thinking of the days after the war, reminding himself that when two gods quarrel the third rejoices. He noted that while the Egyptians and Amazons were engaged at the front, a responsible god would not miss the opportunity to look over their lands and make off with anything that was not nailed down.



Since you hardly have any coal, you should look into the possibilities of "borrowing" some from the Romans and Egyptians.

It is important to get production of your building materials going as soon as possible (wood and stone). Then you should look into increasing your settler population (a large residence would be a good choice). Expand your colony quickly. Especially on the eastern side of the mountain you will find some coal.

Keep your thieves busy. They can help you out a lot with getting the coal you will need. But, when they find other interesting resources, tools or weapons, let them bring you back what you can use.

With a little careful planning you will be able to build up to 6 iron ore mines. This number of mines should be able to supply 3 - 4 iron smelting works and 4 - 5 weapon smith's works. This will enable you to produce the weapons you need quickly.

In the meantime it is also important that you increase your production of manna by building more wine farms and a small temple.

Remember to build enough residences as you go along.

As far as possible you should also try to build as many additional coal mines as you can so that you are not overly dependent on the activities of your thieves.

Fish and some bread should be enough to satisfy the food needs of your miners. As soon as you have about 200 soldiers (Rank of captain and 80% fighting strength), you can risk your first attack on the Egyptians.  Choose your approach on the basis of reconnaissance you have already carried out so that you can keep your losses minimal while you are underway.

You should now be able to destroy the Amazon temple without experiencing any undue difficulties.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus