Beating a Retreat

VICTORY CONDITION: Get goods and tools to the island and build up a colony. This colony must have 5 large residences.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your old colony is completely destroyed before you have completed your new one.

SITUATION: Sometimes it's wise to beat a retreat - to come back stronger later. We can't hold out long here but we must hold out until our new colony is ready. These Roman weaklings shouldn't be that big a problem.

REPORT BY HELIOS: I had to admire Penthesilea's resolve. There were times when I wouldn't have bet on either side, and this was one of those times. 

Surrounded by Romans, it was only a question of time before her settlement could no longer be held, but Penthesilea did not shrink from battle. Q'nqra came to her aide by locating an island surrounded by impregnable reefs, which could not be taken by sea. But as to how to conquer it - she left that challenge to Penthesilea.



This is a purely defensive mission. You should therefore build your infrastructure accordingly and not be distracted by your opponent.

Concentrate your defense on one or two towers and group all your warriors together to the east of the mountain in your territory (1). This will cause your opponent to think twice before attacking, which doesn't mean that he won't attack at all.

You should build up your colony quickly. The following buildings are especially important: buildings for your manna production so that you can magically transport goods to your new settlement on the island in the northeast and a tool smith's works so that you can produce enough tools for the new settlement.

Otherwise you shouldn't construct any buildings you don't really need. Your prime objective is building up the infrastructure you need on the island (4) in the northeast so that you can build 5 large residences there.

The first tools to be sent over to the new colony are shovels and hammers so that you can construct more buildings. Your first building should be a residence so that you get more settlers. You should then magically transport picks and axes to the new colony and build woodcutter's and stonecutter's huts. The land can then be cleared for the construction of the large residences you need. The wood and stone that is produced can be stored and then used for the construction of the residences.

While the infrastructure is being built up on the island, you should also reinforce your defenses in your starting colony. It would be a shame if you were overrun just before the large residences on the island were finished. Build up food production and produce as many spears and bows for your warriors as you can in this phase, because they are particularly effective for defensive tasks.

A possibility for avoiding attack:

After you are able to begin building on the new island, construct a small tower. When the tower is occupied with a soldier, you can tear down all the towers in your original colony and you will no longer be attacked.

Fish are particularly plentiful along the coasts to the east and west of your starting tower (2 & 3).


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus