Ill at ease

VICTORY CONDITION: Produce 500 units of manna!

Destroy the large temple which lies on a peninsula and is surrounded by mountains.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: The men seem to be getting nervous and are resorting to unfair tactics. We don't need trees to get the building materials we need. The Asian storehouses are full of what we need. As soon as we get Q'nqra's help in getting trees, we'll have a little surprise for Ch'ih-Yu and his ridiculous temple.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Ch'ih-Yu let his fiery breath do the talking, and his oration was persuasive. In the midst of their expansion the Amazons lost a ship of saplings and foresters to his angry flames.

Suddenly the lack of forest on the coming battlefield became critical, but Penthesilea did not shy away. Not enough trees and manna for a Tree Curse where they were going? Well the necessary planks would simply have to be obtained elsewhere...though the Asians would of course be reluctant to part with them.

Ch'ih-Yu had openly defied Q'nqra and her army, and he would have to pay for that. But until that moment, the Amazons would have to be careful, because the Asians clearly had the upper hand.



The first thing you want to do is bring all your soldiers and pioneers in the southwest (1) to your colony in the southeast as quickly as possible because building up your infrastructure and defense will be significantly easier.

Your efforts at building up an infrastructure will be hampered because it will not be possible for you to build a forester's hut and you won't be able to renew your supply of trees. Because of this you should get an early start on building up your manna production. Your priestesses can then cast the "Forest Favor" spell to compensate for your lack of a forester. This also helps you in achieving the objective of this mission: the production of 500 units of manna.

Your second task is the destruction of the big temple of the Asian tribe on the landmass  to the north of your colony. It is well guarded, well protected by mountains and difficult to reach by land. You have better chances using transport ships which could land nearby (5 or 6). There you can unload and collect your soldiers with less stress.

Going by foot is much more difficult. Your opponent has many towers (7) which make getting across the two narrow land passages quite complicated.   Your second Asian opponent (4) is located very near you to the west can be avoided but it more advantageous, in contrast to the other Asian tribe, to destroy this weaker opponent so that you have access to the mineral resources there and have your westen front freed up.

Problem: I have too little iron ore and gold!

Build some alchemist's huts near the small mountain (8). Sulfur and gems can be found there which can be converted into gold and iron ore.

Problem: Fish...?

...can be found in sufficient quantities in the northwest of your colony (9) and in the lake (10) which your Asian opponent to the west controls.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus