Iron Age

VICTORY CONDITION: Accumulate 30 soldiers of the highest rank with a fighting strength of 100%.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: There is hardly any iron or coal but we can cope with that just as we coped with the cowardly Romans and Egyptians. Nothing will stop us from freeing this island from male dominion.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Penthesilea had been slowed but not stopped. Yet while she clashed with the Asians, the Romans and Egyptians settled on another island, taking advantage of the calm to put a stranglehold on any available resources.

I knew Q'nqra would not give in quietly. Until the men were broken and banished her victory would not be complete. But for the first time, when the Amazons set to work, I really wondered how they were going to meet the challenge from my old friends.



In this mission it is not so important how fast you mount the first attacks but rather how quickly you can recruit soldiers for your defense.

Begin by building 3 woodcutter's huts, 2 forester's huts, a sawmill and a stonecutter's hut. Then you should build a medium residence and afterwards build the same group of buildings again.

Try to expand your territory with pioneers to include as much of the land mass in the center of the map as possible because important minerals are present in each of the mountains. Ideally, you should convert the 30 settlers from the first medium residence you build into pioneers.

Now build another residence, this time a large one, and then have your geologists explore all of the mountains nearby.

Since there is little iron ore and relatively little coal available, you should continue, building a sulfur mine, gem mine, an alchemist's den, one or more storage areas (for the gold), coal mine, iron smelting works and a barracks.

You can supply your miners' food needs with honey for the sulfur miners and  fish (available in abundance) for the others.

With 4 beekeeper's huts and 2 meadmaker's huts your soldiers' promotions should proceed quickly.

Now it is only a matter of holding out until the fighting strength of your soldiers reaches 100%.

You will be attacked from time to time, but you can withstand the attacks of your opponent without any serious difficulties.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus