Barking up the wrong tree

VICTORY CONDITION: Gain some time by destroying your enemy's economy first with your Holy Gongs.

Then vanquish your enemy.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: After beating back the cowardly attack of the men, we went on the offensive. As it first appeared, perhaps a bit hastily. The Asians were strong, for men, that is. The forest was their weakness though, and there we focused our energy.

REPORT BY HELIOS: I began to feel sorry for my old friends, but what was I to do? If Q'nqra didn't always fight fairly, she was still my daughter. And even as I was torn by allegiances I could see the next catastrophe coming.

My friends had seized an early advantage over the Amazons through Ch'ih-Yu - who had obviously been disregarded as a threat by Q'nqra. He had succeeded in establishing a large settlement that was soon to become a certain danger to the Amazons. Penthesilea would have to use all her skills as a commander to stop the Asian settlement from growing even larger.



Your starting position is on the land mass in the northeast.

There are two alternatives for beginning this mission:

The first alternative begins with your priest casting the spell "Disperse fog".

Next, you send your gongs toward the wood production in the west of your opponent's territory (see map in game and the map above). Bring your warriors back to your colony for defensive purposes. As soon as the gongs get to their destination, you can send one to the western coast to begin its work, the second to the south and the third begins working on the nearby buildings. The 24 enemy soldiers will get there far too late to stop you.

In the meantime, 2 towers should be built in the north so that you gain access to stone reserves. It is also important that you have your wood production up and running quickly (at least 6 woodcutter's huts, 2 forester's huts and 2 sawmills). Another 2 stonecutter's huts must be built as well.

The second alternative is the simplest one. You simply consolidate all your soldiers and instruments of war and take your chances in battle. In this case your opponent will usually attack earlier.

The mountain south of your colony can supply you with all the mineral resources you need. If you are able to expand your territory to include the other two mountains with the help of your pioneers, things will go even faster.

There are also gems and sulfur present in the mountains which means you can build alchemist's dens for producing iron and gold!

Now you can begin with some serious weapon production. In the initial phase you should produce more bows; in the later phases you should produce more spears and swords.

It is also advisable to build one or two more gongs. You can then destroy the first row of towers without losing troops under fire immediately.

You can either wait until you have a large army of warriors or you can also try smaller attacks earlier. It is easier for you when you attack using both land connections to the land mass in the south.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus