The Gang Up

VICTORY CONDITION: Obliterate the enemy's 350 soldiers!

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: We don't have any illusions that we were dealing with gentlemen. A male alliance wants to overrun one of our colonies with a huge army. Three against one, and still we'll have to show the men that they're biting off more than they can chew.

REPORT BY HELIOS: My old friends had finally formed an alliance, preparing to settle things once and for all with a swift and mighty blow. But Penthesilea was not just a pawn of Q'nqra's: she was also the daughter of Priam, king of Troy. Her defenses were strong, and though there was still much to be done, the men were welcome to attack. Even as one.



Your goal in this mission is to destroy as many enemy soldiers as possible and ensure your own survival.

The two key positions in this mission are the passages (1 & 2). They are well protected from direct attacks because of the streams isolating them from the passages. Your opponents first have to go through the narrow passage and double back to attack the towers. This allows your bowmen a good opportunity to thin their ranks. You can further exploit this advantage by building additonal towers in these positions. Position your soldiers (especially your bowmen) behind the streams so that your opponent suffers maximum losses before reaching your warriors.

At the beginning you will be confronting an army far superior in numbers. Each of your soldiers is important and should not be used as cannon fodder. Make generous use of your healers in this mission.

It is particularly important that you constantly recruit new soldiers because you will be attacked and will lose soldiers steadily.

A major problem in this mission is the distance to the mountain in the east that you must quickly bring under your control. You will need the minerals there to ensure that you can continue recruiting new soldiers. If you don't manage, your three opponents will overrun you easily.

Connect your two colonies as quickly as possible by using your pioneers. Make sure that you construct buildings that supply others, close together, to keep transport distances short. Build your smelting works and your food production buildings near the mountain so that the mines can be supplied quickly and efficiently.

Problem: Where can I find fish here?

There are some excellent fishing spots along the coast (3,4 & 6) and at the lake (5).

Problem: My opponents keep running deep within my territory and try to capture my towers!

Tear down all of the towers within your colony except for those at the two crucial passages. Build additional towers there concentrating your strength in these two locations.  Only a small tower which is surrounded by water south of the western passage (1) may be left standing because it is easy to defend. Be careful here because your opponent will often try to capture this tower!


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus