Ch'ih-Yu's Lair

VICTORY CONDITION: Get 5 soldiers with a fighting strength of 77% to the holy mountain in the middle of the enclosed area.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your settlement has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: After blowing the Romans and Egyptians off the field, it is now time for the Asians to get a taste of what it means to be merely men. A well-protected mountain is dedicated to their blow-hard god, Ch'ih-Yu. We'll have to change that even though the going will be rough without any trees growing on the mountain.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Ch'ih-Yu had always been a bit...slow.... One of the nicer gods to be sure, but you could almost see a thought struggling to make it from one side of his thick head to the other. So: Jupiter and Horus had lost their hides to the Amazons? What business was that of his?

But of course he should have seen the danger before Q'nqra ordered Penthesilea to conquer one of his lairs. A holy mountain it was, surrounded by snow and close to impregnable.

To her credit Penthesilea managed to erect a small outpost in the vicinity, but development of the settlement faltered due to lack of a forest nearby. Suddenly the Amazons were sitting ducks for the Asian army and Ch'ih-Yu's fiery breath, who would sooner or later break through to exact their revenge.

Yet Q'nqra's smile betrayed something more...



Your main colony is located at the tip of the "arrow" in the northeast. You also have a small colony within the mountain ring in the southeast.

There is no need for alarm when you cannot find any hammers in your main colony - there are none at the beginning. You have 3 iron smelting works there, though. To avoid early surprise attacks, tear down all of your towers in the north. Now you have an hour before your opponent makes his way through the snow.

You should first focus on building up your construction industry by building at least 6 woodcutter's huts, 2 forester's huts, 2 sawmills, and an additional stonecutter's hut.

The eastern end of the "arrowhead" is well suited for 4 - 5 beekeeper's huts. You will also need 3 meadmaker's huts, a waterworks, 2 small temples and 1 large temple.

In the south you can get your mining industry going with 2 goldmines, 2 coalmines and 2 gold smelting works. You can then convert the carriers to pioneers to expand your colony there a little.

In the meantime you should have 2 storage areas filled with wood and stone. Place your priest in the middle of the storage area, use the spell to transport goods and then work in the southern colony can begin.

Now is the time for you to get started with your food production in the north (fish and bread). This can be transported to your colony in the south by using your priests again.

Build 2 iron ore mines and 2 coalmines and then you can get started on recruiting 5 soldiers. Keep in mind that the gold must be stored so that your soldiers can reach 77% fighting strength.

Now you only need to place your warriors in the circle of stones! There should be no problem getting this done within an hour.

An extra tip: You can also use the spell "Heavenly Presents". This will save you some extra time getting the goods you need.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus