Out of Nowhere

VICTORY CONDITION: Colonize the island and drive the Romans out.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: An advance patrol has left goods for us in two locations. With these, we should be able to get a foothold. The Romans on this island have been supporting the Egyptians who wanted to occupy our island. We want to make them pay dearly for this.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Her home island pacified, Penthesilia led the Amazon charge. I beseeched Q'nqra to hold the troops in check and leave my old friends alone, but she lifted not a finger on their behalf. On a Roman island a vanguard had already deposited building materials and tools at two locations, so Jupiter would be next to feel their sting.

It was clear Penthesilea aimed to raise a new settlement and run the Romans off the island for good. While Jupiter was consoling Horus at the Gorgons', the Amazons launched their attack...



At the beginning of this mission you are sailing on a transport ship in the southwest. Here you must make your most important decision. Where should I begin settling? You have 2 towers at the beginning, that is, you have two territories to choose from, or you can even choose neither of the two. Let us help you decide.

With regard to raw materials both starting positions offer nearly identical conditions. The starting position (B) in the south, however, is easier to defend, has one more tower and is therefore preferable.

Steer your transport ship deep within the large harbor (1) on the west coast where your soldiers and pioneers can disembark and proceed on foot through the mountain pass until they reach the twin towers (B) - sailing around to the east coast takes too long.

Beginning to the northeast of the harbor (A) is also possible. You could also try developing in both areas. Although it is more difficult to defend two colonies, it is not all impossible.

Promote your warriors to their highest ranks and attack your opponent with approximately 200 Amazons. You can risk a frontal attack, using the Gong if you want, but this is not absolutely necessary. If you find the resistance stronger than you anticipated, you could land from the sea behind your enemy and attack him on two fronts.

Defense: The usual combination of several large towers, fully garrisoned, with nearby infantry is a good idea.

Problem: I can't find any tools!!!

The tools are available in both settlement areas but they are scattered around, some are outside the borders. Use your pioneers for locating and making the tools available to your carriers.

Problem: One of my settlements always gets overrun!

You don't need towers in both areas. you can do without towers in one area and expand your territory there using pioneers.

Problem: Where are the fish hiding?

The best fishing spots are the lakes (2) and the harbors (3). It is worthwhile building several fisherman's huts here.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus