VICTORY CONDITION: Destroy the Egyptian settlement.

DEFEAT CONDITION: Your colony has been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: Those guys in the north have no business on our home island. Let's get them out of there! First, though, we have to make some more room for settling.

REPORT BY HELIOS: Unbeknownst to him, Horus had been chosen to become the first victim of the Amazons' might. His Egyptian colony had dared to settle on the Amazons' main island, and dear daughter Q'nqra wasted no thoughts on peaceful coexistence. Penthesilea would drive the Egyptians out at all costs, and Horus would pay the bill.



Your starting position lies in the far south of the island. From this position you should spread out as follows:

You should start off by building a medium residence on the grasslands of the peninsula extending eastwards into the sea. This can be followed by 3 woodcutter's huts, a sawmill and 2 stonecutter's huts. As soon as the first settlers have left the residence, you should adjust the proportion of carriers in the menu to 35%. The rest of the new settlers should be converted into pioneers. At the same time you can begin with the construction of a second medium residence. Have your pioneers concentrate on expanding your territory to include the mountain on your northwestern border. Your geologist will discover deposits of iron ore and coal there (as shown on the map). Build some mines, an iron smelting works, a weapon smith's works and a tool smith's works. The construction sites for these are best located in the upper middle area of your territory.

As soon as your second residence is complete, convert a majority of the new settlers into pioneers and continue to expand your colony. The entire coast in the south is filled with fish so you will have no problems building up your food production. Now it is time to build your first large residence.

Continue your building with 2 meadmaker's huts and a small temple - a larger temple a little later. On the small peninsula extending westward into the sea you can build a forester's hut and 3 beekeeper's huts.There should also be enough room there to build 2 farms, a grain mill and bakery. And don't forget to build the 2 waterworks you will be needing.

You are now ready to begin expanding your territory to include the larger heart-shaped mountain to your north. There you will find all the minerals you'll need. Build 2 sulfur mines, 2 gem mines and 2 alchemist's dens.

Promote your soldiers now. In this mission (Update 1.51 or higher) you don't have to rely so much on your bowmen for defense. At the beginning you should recruit 50% bowmen and 50 % spearmen, later only spearmen and swordsmen!

There you go! Start your attack...your opponent should be no longer be a problem


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus