VICTORY CONDITION: Destroy your foes.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You have been completely destroyed.

SITUATION: The milksops are on the middle of the island and we encircle them entirely. But this circle isn't strong enough - not even to contain men. We'll have to concentrate our strength.

The men have let us know that they will give up if they lose again this time. They seem to be pretty sure of themselves for some reason.

REPORT BY HELIOS: My friends had marshaled their forces and joined hands for one last stand. By massing their forces they stood a good chance of breaking out of the encircling ring of Amazons, where they could annihilate them from the flanks. But although Q'nqra had ordered the encirclement, it seemed Penthesilea knew it to be doomed, for she was already making plans of her own.



There is no easy solution for getting through this mission!

Two things are extremely important for this mission:

- you have to make adjustments for your three separate colonies individually (unless or until you are able to connect them).
- since the outer rim that you occupy is quite large, you should not carry out projects widely distanced from one another.

Begin with checking your construction industry in all three colonies. In your northern colony you will need woodcutters; in the southern colony you have no construction industry at all!

Immediately tear down all of the towers that are not located near the three spokes leading to the hub which is divided among your three opponents. Then collect all  your troops around these defensive posts.

You should build 3 weapon smith's works and a tool smith's works in each of your colonies.

You can supply most of your miners with fish, the rest can be supplied with other food. There is no iron to be found in your southern colony but an alchemist can be of assistance in this case. Other minerals including gold are available.

Build at least 6 beekeeper's huts, 4 - 5 meadmaker's huts and the same number of small temples in the northern colony (a part also in the southern colony). First, make the map visible and inspect it carefully (especially the south).

As soon as you have 300 soldiers in each of your colonies (ideally spearmen and swordsmen) promoted to their highest rank and at 100% fighting strength, lure the troops of your enemy into your northern colony and let the battle begin for your towers.

In the meantime you can have your soldiers advance from the west and from the south fighting their way toward the middle. All towers that you capture during this assault should be torn down immediately.

You should be able to connect your colonies in the south and in the west as a result of this maneuver. Now you have to do the same thing so that a connection is formed with the northern colony. The rest should be relatively easy.

Shift your weapons production more to the middle. Try to make use of gongs where possible. To some extent this will be difficult or even impossible because of forests and stones.

Your efforts will soon be crowned with success.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus