Blazing Forests

VICTORY CONDITION: Stop the forest fire as quickly as possible.

Destroy the large Egyptian temple area on the mountain of a neighboring island.

DEFEAT CONDITION: You have been completely obliterated.

SITUATION: Men and their gods. As if a forest fire would really slow us down. We will take revenge. Maybe then their wits will sharpen, but intelligence isn't exactly their strong point.

REPORT BY HELIOS: The Roman traitors made things very difficult for my friends, and Ch'ih-Yu was angriest of all. Q'nqra savagely teased and mocked him - something she is terribly good at. I wondered if perhaps she was doing so on purpose to demonstrate that Penthesilea and the Amazons could parry any blow. Although she seemed not to have anticipated the forest fire kindled by Ch-ih-Yu's rage, she was quite confident that Penthesilea would avenge the attack.



This mission can be played in one of two ways.

You can choose to play tactically (the faster variant) or play focusing on mass production.

Taking the tactical option:

Get the forest fire under control as quickly as possible by creating three firebreaks. After you have done this, tear down all the towers and then build enough mines on the mountain in your territory. Don't forget to produce enough tools.

Now it is time to pit your pioneers in the south to work so that they can expand your territory to the middle of the map.

You must build up your food production in the optimal location and as compactly as possible. The eastern side of the river is your best choice.

You should then build 2 beekeeper's huts quickly because it takes a while for them to get going.

The majority of your soldiers (over 70%) should be positioned near the border to the Asians in the east.

It is important that you build large residences on a regular basis.

By this time you should already have about 80 soldiers with a rank of sergeant.

You can now build a large temple because you will be needing a couple of priestesses very shortly. If you begin running low on coal or other resources, use your thieves to replenish your supplies. Build more storage areas for tools (hammers, shovels, picks, axes, saws and also fishing rods) and goods (wood, stone, weapons). Have your priests magically transport these to the south where your pioneers have been busy.

Between two and four transport ships with pioneers on board must now be sent to the south as reinforcements and there you can build up the new basis.

You can use the the colony in the north either for supplying the south or going on the offensive. In your settlement in the south your main priority will be using your pioneers and geologists to explore the worthwhile areas.

Your first building project in the south should be a large residence followed by the buildings you need for producing wood and stone.

As soon as your geologists have discovered mineral resources, you can begin building mines. Since there are deposits of sulfur and gems, it makes sense to make use of several alchemists.

There are sufficient quantities of fish in the south along the coast so that you will be able to feed your miners.

As soon as you have over 200 warriors (promoted to their highest ranks and with a fighting strength of over 90%) and 5 gongs, you can attack the Egyptians. First you should cripple the Egyptians' defense facilities and then send your gongs to their temples and destroy them.


Blue Byte Software Inc.
Authors: Christian Haecker & Joerg Niesenhaus