Feb 24
Newbie Night #6 in the Settlers Chatroom

Warlin's SETTLERS III Newbie Night is becoming an institiution. If you have any questions you'd like to have answered by seasoned Settlers, here is your chance to do some serious ear-bending!
Newbie Night #6 is scheduled for this Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CST (US), 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. GMT (UK)!
Log in on the SETTLERS III Server a little in advance to find out when it gets going! And here's our FAQ once more

Dec 22
Announcement - Change of Servers
Whoever has tried to connect to our lobby system during peak traffic periods in the last few weeks has certainly experienced the following problem: Lobby server not found, although the lobby is active and a couple hundred users are currently settling online.
In order to solve this problem, we will be installing a new Internet server and changing our provider in January. Until then, we ask that you be patient. We hope that you will be confronted with this problem as seldom as possible in the meantime. If you are, please try to establish the connection several times in succession. This often results in the desired connection.
We will announce the exact date for the server change as soon as possible.

Sep 30
Get the Quest of the Amazons Demo!
Want a sneak peak at the latest and greatest Settlers Expansion? Here is your chance!
Download a demo today and you'll get your very own preview to the "must have" Settlers III Expansion, Quest of the Amazons. This demo includes a single player map in which you lead a contentious Amazon race into battle against the ever fierce Romans and also a multiplayer map for great strategy gaming on LAN or on the Internet using the SETTLERS III INTERNET SERVER.

Sep 30
The Amazons have arrived!

It's showtime: the new Amazon race is now ready to whirl through the SETTLERS III world. The SETTLERS III expansion pack, QUEST OF THE AMAZONS, is now on the retail shelves! The end of the SETTLER III male dominion is at hand!
For SETTLER III newcomers, QUEST OF THE AMAZONS is also available in a special AMAZON START EDITION which includes the full version of the SETTLERS III!

Sep 09
More stellar Review for Settlers!
The momentum of the Settlers series continues. Click on the links below to read the latest rave reviews from Gamevortex.com!

The Settlers III Mission CD Review, score 10/10
The Settlers III Review, score 8/10

July 06
World Ranking List - Penalty box

Busted! A few players have been reported by their fellow Settlers players for "bending" the rules!
We’ve done some of our own checking and have concluded that these players have risen in the rankings by using unfair practices. But don’t worry, they have been penalized.
More information on our Ladder Web pages

July 01
Map Contest: Finding the Best of the Best!

We have selected and posted 10 maps from our previous rounds of the map contest!  We need your help to find  the "Best of the Best". Play the maps and vote online. But hurry, on Monday, July 19, we will announce the overall winner of the Map Contest!

June 05
World Ranking List Now Onlin

It's finally here. The world ranking lists have begun! Now, with the most recent update, all SETTLERS III players can compete for their placings in the world ranking lists, the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME"!

Apr 14
Available Now!
The Settlers III Mission CD

New Campaigns To Wage & More Maps To Conquer! Add on CD for "The Settlers III" featuring extra missions and a level editor.

Feb 12
The Official Settlers III Strategy Guide from Prima Publishing

Written by experienced game strategist Marc Cohen, is now available for purchase online and in your favorite Strategy Guide stores.

Feb 09
Victorious Scotland Virtually Vanquishes England and Wales

First Ever Settlers III UK challenge

Jan 13
Check out the latest issue of CyberGamer for a behind the scenes look at The Settlers III
Seen the latest issue of CyberGamer? Check it out for a great indepth article by Tom Chick on The Settlers III and an interview with The Settlers III team.

Jan 01
www.settlers3.com is number one!!!

This week, www.settlers3.com reached NUMBER ONE in the Internet Website Charts Top 100 and www.bluebyte.com has made it to NUMBER THREE.
All of us here at Blue Byte think it's fantastic that you've helped us get to these great positions within the charts after visiting us. We would like to thank everyone who voted for our sites on a weekly basis.

Dec, 1998
Settlers III Beta Test
Announcing The 'Most Active' Beta Testers

Dec, 1998
ATTENTION Owners Of The Settlers III - Trust Blue Byte to give away more FREE stuff!
As a present to Settlers III owners, we're giving away a couple of single player 'Seasonal Maps" available today for downloading. One is in the style of a TREE and the other is STAR shaped. Both were created using the exclusive Map Editor which will be featured in the Settlers III Mission CD available Q1 1999. This is just a taste of what you can expect from Blue Byte in 1999.

Dec, 1998
The Settlers III Multiplayer Demo - AVAILABLE NOW!
Want to find out why the Settlers series is so popular around the world? Try the demo today & meet other Settlers fans online! Already bought the game? Then tell your friends who haven't yet purchased The Settlers III to download the demo!


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