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Ashmans Total S3.
Clan Chatzuk
Clan Shadows
ClanUK: Settlers3
Clan Vikings
Cosmo settlers III
Cosmo Settlers 3
DBGZ Clan  
Dutch Settler Clan
Golden Knights CP
Go! Go! Settlers
Klan homepage
Land Of Settlers
Le Clan QC
Le tournoi ultime
Lollys Settler Page
Malachi's Strategies
Settlers3 ŕ la LFJR
Settlers3 Castle
Settlers 3 Catapult
Settlers 3 Fansite
Settlers 3 HQ
Settlers3Online Club
Settlerz Inc.
Soldiers From Above
The Greek Gods Clan
  The Settlers III Hangout
  The Settlers III Hungarian Page
The Settlers 3 - Neoficiální stránka
The Settlers III Tower
The Settlers Map-Base Looking for new Settlers III maps? Blue Byte considers this fan site to be one of the best locations to upload and download new maps. We're sure they'll add Settlers IV maps as soon as possible! :)
What'Z New?
Zipuli's Map Corner

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