System Policy and Technical Remarks

System Policy

  1. All reports and comments should be made in English as far as possible because this is a "World" ranking system.
  2. Please do not use any special characters as this could lead to problems. Please use only the letters from A to Z (both uppercase and lower case are fine) and the numbers from 0 to 9. Names for clans should in no case contain special characters!
  3. Verbal attacks on players and clans are expected to remain within reasonable bounds. Emoticons won't always ensure that messages are clearly interpreted.
  4. For administrators: Please deal with the members of your clan and other clans as well with respect.
  5. If you notice any racist or discriminating remarks anywhere in the player profiles, please inform us immediately. This will not be tolerated!

Technical Remarks

  1. Your browser must be adjusted to allow Java Script so that the ranking list pages can function.
  2. The ranking list pages should work on all browsers. So far, only PC versions have been tested. (Netscape Navigator 4 and Communicator 4, Microsoft Explorer 4 and 5. Especially in the case of beta versions of browers, we can make no guarantees.
  3. If the information on your screen is not up-to-date after you have updated your profile, you can manually update using the Reload/Update button.

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