What are clans, what does a clan administrator do, and how do I become a clan member?

What are clans?
Clans developed out the possibility in Internet to play games with several people and even to form teams to play against one another. Clans are groups of players who play against one another or play against other clans as teams. There are clans that have specialized in one game, for example, SETTLERS III, and clans that play a wide variety of games. The size of clans is just as varied as the rules they make for their members.

Often clans have their own web pages where they present themselves and furnish information about themselves. Blue Byte offers existing clans the possibility of joining in the Clan ranking list games and recruiting new Settler gamers into their ranks. Whoever wants to establish a new clan and become a clan administrator, can do this quite easily on the SETTLER III web pages.

What does a clan administrator do?
Clans normally organize themselves without Blue Byte entering into the process. So that the Settlers Clan world rankings lists can function, however, Blue Byte needs a contact person for each clan, otherwise any player could enter a game as a representative of a clan and intentionally play to lose. This contact person is the clan administrator. This person doesn't necessarily have to be the leader of the clan's internal workings. An existing clan has to choose someone who functions as clan administrator in dealings with Blue Byte.

For those who want to start their own clan and are looking for members, the Blue Byte Clan system offers excellent possibilities. With a little personal information, you can set up a clan and appear in the ranking lists immediately. You can also announce the formation of your clan and recruit members in the SETTLERS III multiplayer forum. In the future Blue Byte is planning to offer clans the possibility to publish their own web pages.

After a clan has been started, it is the clan administrator's job to keep information about the clan up-to-date, to take on new members, accept member's resigntions and to keep Blue Byte posted on the latest developments. This is necessary so that it is always clear whether a player entering a game in the name of the clan is really a member of this clan.

The SETTLERS III clan system makes these tasks very simple. If a player has applied for membership in a clan, the administrator automatically receives an email about this. Whether the administrator or the entire clan makes the decision about the member applying is a matter for the clan to decide. If a member is accepted, a simple mouse click is enough to confirm it. It is equally easy to reject an application or even to ban an existing member.

If the clan administrator cannot be reached for a longer period of time, the administration of the clan should be transferred to another member. This can be done with a mouse click as well. It is very important to exercise care, however, when you disband a clan. When you delete a clan, all of the game results and the clan placing in the world ranking lists will be irretrievably lost. The clan administrator is alone responsible to his clan for its well being!

How do I become a member of a clan?
There are many different ways to become a member of a clan. The more you know about a clan, the more you will know about the clan members from different games against one another or from comments in the forum, and the more interesting you are for the clan as a player, the better your chances of being taken into a clan. Get information about the clan and its members and get in touch by email. The clan members will want to know who they are welcoming into their circle. Don't be frustrated if you aren't accepted into a clan. This clan could be full. Remember that the bigger a clan is, the more difficult it becomes to find times for playing together as a team.

The "official" way to becoming a member of a clan is simply a matter of going to the Clan Page and hitting the Join button. The administrator will then receive a message that you would like to become a member. You can, of course, apply for membership at several clans simultaneously. You will find a list of clans you have applied to in your player profile. You will also be notified there when you have been accepted into a clan. You can only be a member of one clan with your player name, but you can naturally change clans whenever you want.

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