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HE SETTLERS III World Ranking List give you the chance of attaining world wide fame and writing your own piece of Settlers' history. But a ranking position is not out of reach or reserved strictly for die hard specialist . To get involved just log onto the Settlers lobby and choose whether you want to play a normal game or one counting for the world rankings. Only the results of the world rankings games count toward placement in the world rankings lists.There are two separate world rankings lists, one for single players and one for clans.

To step up & test your mettle in a single player rankings list game, choose Rankings Lists Game: One-on-One. In contrast to the normal online games, here the focus is on a showdown between two players. After you've played a couple games, you'll notice that you advance in the rankings lists faster than you would have expected. So, go on, give it a shot!
If you want to grab your place as a single player in the "One-on-One" rankings list, you don't have to read any further. Go for it!

Clan games
Clan games are always team games(2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, etc.). To play clan games you join a clan or start one of your own as a clan adminstrator. But keep in mind the opponents you have here aren't going to roll over and play dead; but if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. Losing a game isn't the end of the world and the experience you've gained in clan games will help you rise in the rankings. So, come on in, get in the game  and show the old Settler warhorses what you've got.

Player Profile
If you'd like to provide more personal details than just your Internet name and game scores,  create your own Player Profile! By clicking on your name in the rankings list, you can let other players know your email address, your favorite Settler race and whatever else you can think of. In order to submit a Player Profile, log in with your normal Settlers Internet name and Settlers password. This way, only you can make any changes in your profile.

Member of a clan
To become a member of a clan, first submit a player profile. A clan administrator has to know something about you to decide whether you are a goof fit in a particular clan. To apply as a clan member, you simply click on the Clan name you are interested in and then on the "Join" button. Please keep in mind, though, that clans are often closely knitted groups which can be extremely selective in choosing their members. Get some information about the clan before you send off an application. Clans often have their own web pages which you can visit beforehand.

Set up your own clan
Of course, you can also set up your own clan. Here again, the first thing you have to do is submit a Player Profile. Then you of in with your Settlers Internet name and your Settlers password under Clan Administration. Here you'll find information about what you have to do as a clan administrator and how a clan can change its administrator.

Enough on rankings! You'll find more information here:

If you have any questions about the ranking list system, technical problems with the ranking list system or a report to make regarding racist or discriminating remarks anywhere in the player profiles, please send us your

Penalty box
Some players have been reported by Settler players for "bending" the rules. We have checked out these reports and have unfortunately concluded that these players have really risen in the rankings by using unfair practices. For this reason, they have been penalized.

Hall of Fame
To make the SETTLERS III World Ranking Lists more exciting, we have tinkered with the rules. Players that are resting on their laurels and inactive in defending their positions will now gradually lose points. After a week of inactivity, every further day without play will mean a loss of 15 points for single players. For clans the loss will start after two weeks of inactivity.

For the best of the best we now have the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME. All players and clans that now achieve a place in the top ten of the World Ranking Lists will be inducted into the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME! The starting page will now also show the best three players and best three clans.

And here is how the HALL OF FAME works:
To perpepuate your fame as Settlers player or clan, the names of all players or clans that manage to get into the top ten of the ranking lists beginning today, will be inducted into the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME. The start page shows the names of both the best three players and best three clans! The rankings are first determined by the ranking achieved and in the case of a tie in the rankings, then the number of points amassed will determine the order. Players and clans who are no longer active and have therefore been removed from the ranking lists, remain in the SETTLERS HALL OF FAME. Their names will be decently marked with a tombstone.

Additional Improvements  Nov 3, 1999
In addition, there are a number of smaller improvements that make it easier to navigate the Ranking Lists:

  • You can now change your password at any time
  • Messages will be automatically sent within clans when administrators or clan members perform certain actions such as accepting a new clan member or changing the clan administrator. This function can be toggled on and off.
  • Incomplete names can now be entered for searching the ranking lists. Any string entered will be located if present. Do not use jokers (* or ?). The last 50 games will also be displayed in the search display.
  • You can now find the number of days on which no games have been scored for the ranking lists under the rubric "Idle Days". On the eighth, or respectively the fifteenth day, the number will be displayed in red .
  • The point loss which begins after a week of no scored games will be indicated by a small arrow pointing downwards (2 weeks for clans).
  • The number of points won or lost in the games played will now also be displayed. The direction of the arrows (left or right ) show the direction of the points transferred from loser to winner.
  • You will now also see how many points a player has and the player's ranking when you go to the player profile.
  • The scripts have been optimized and the format changed so that request and loading times are now about a third faster.

Messages will automatically be sent off to clan members following certain actions:

  • Joining a clan (to the administrator)
  • Accepting a new member into the clan (to clan members and new member)
  • Rejecting a new member (to candidate)
  • Dissolving clan membership (to clan members and member leaving clan)
  • Appointing a new administrator (to clan members)
  • Disbanding a clan (to clan members and clan membership applicants)

The automatic message system can be turned off by using the checkbox!

  • Chat moderators are now displayed in the lobby with their names in green.