Thank you for the SETTLERS III maps and all those Tips & Tricks!
A number of SETTLERS fans have made their Settlers maps and Tips & Tricks available to us for the SETTLERS III GOLD EDITION. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all once again! We would also like to thank all of the fans whose maps didn't make it onto the CDs!
Some of the user maps included in the GOLD EDITION can also be played as ranking list maps. We will inform you of the names of these maps as soon as the GOLD EDITION appears.


Tips and Tricks

 Archie  Alfred Teichmann
 CCDeJ  Clemens Adolphs
 Ceasar  David Röthlisberger
 ChrisiS  eye
 DanOfWA  Ingo J. Timm
 Elly  jsd98
 Embryo  Kasuma
 eYe  Marcel Jeske
 Flasher  Martin Biastoch
 Ford Prefect  Steffen Köhler
 General Matok  Tobias
 GoofyED  Uwe Linsenboll
 Knight Di Luca
 König Daniel III
 NLS Buff
 Paladin LoRd
 SOC Pro


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