This Ultimate Collection of one of the world's most popular PC games includes:

The Original Settlers III featuring Egyptian, Roman and Asian societies with more than 150 characters, 30 unique trades and 110 different buildings.

The Settlers III Mission Disc with new maps, new campaigns and an easy to use level editor for creating your own worlds and challenges.

The new Settlers III Quest of the Amazons breakthrough add-on which allows you to plug in the female warriors of the Amazon to your existing gameplay with 10 new single player maps, 39 new buildings, 2 new campaigns - each with 12 missions and a special new character, the thief.

The Settlers III Ultimate Collectors CD features two world exclusive preview videos, allowing a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the current phase of development on THE SETTLERS IV and BATTLE ISLE 4. Plus a fusion of music tracks (not in Gold Edition), wallpapers, WinAmp and ICQ skins and over 70 superb maps designed by fans of THE SETTLERS III ensure that gamers find plenty of undiscovered space for settling in the ULTIMATE COLLECTION.

The Settlers III Mission Support enables the player to adjust the level of difficulty while playing the campaigns and adds extra single player maps from the Blue Byte workshop. The Tips and Tricks from the MISSION SUPPORT have also been expanded in the ULTIMATE COLLECTION to include not only the Amazon campaign but also all of the campaigns from THE SETTLERS III and THE SETTLERS III MISSION CD. THE SETTLERS III ULTIMATE COLLECTION is, therefore, especially suitable for all gamers, even those who have not yet played THE SETTLERS III.

You'll marvel at the incredible detail and striking landscapes as over 150 characters come to life. Whether they're setting sail on the high seas, erecting fortresses or engaging in real time battles for power and glory, all the action is at your command. There are tutorials for the beginner, training campaigns and full online support.

Play single player or use Blue Byte’s FREE dedicated gaming server for multi-player, team or tournament play over the Internet or LAN.

Gameplay is simple to learn and tough to master as you face the challenge of developing an economy and building an infrastructure that will allow your military to expand and conquer. And just when you think you've got everything under control...Magic, marauding invaders or a single twist of fate can change everything.

Be a part of this unique, historically accurate empire building game that will challenge, inspire and thrill you like no simple first person shooter can. The future of the world is in your hands and the time to get started is now!


Blue Byte Software, Inc.