The Settlers® III: Quest Of The Amazons™ is the eagerly anticipated fourth Settlers’ race! The warlike Amazons expands the appeal of The Settlers® III to include even more variety and challenges, giving fans a taste of woman power, a feature often requested and now not to be missed!


EnlargementStunning new video sequences add excitement to new game content!

10 new single player maps provide ample opportunity for a player to master the characteristics and strategic skills of the Amazon race!

10 new multi-player maps provide gamers with the tools to show off newly acquired skills in exciting online battles!

A new Level Editor will is included with the Quest Of The Amazons™ CD!

Enhanced content including 39 new buildings, and several new landscapes and landscape objects!

8 new magic spells, unique to the Amazon race!

Two new campaigns, each with 12 missions: Players can take up the sword of the Amazons to defeat Egyptians, Romans and Asians or test their combat strategy and wage war against the Amazons as one of the opposing races.

A new thief unit can scout enemy territory and swipe the weapons and gold from unsuspecting foes.



EnlargementPlayers can take on the Asians, Egyptians and Romans, as the fearsome Amazon warriors, then in the next campaign, pit themselves against the mighty Amazon’s by playing the Romans, Asians or Egyptians.

Enlargement The Amazon workers have their own special set of trades and duties. New workers include Beekeepers, Mead Makers and Alchemists.

EnlargementAmazon’s introduces new and special buildings: The Beekeeper’s Cottage, Mead Maker’s Lodge, Alchemist Tower and Sulfur and Gem Mines.

EnlargementTwo entirely new campaigns are introduced. The Amazons have the same basic weaponry as the other races but are also armed with unique fighting spells.

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EnlargementThe Singularity Of An Amazon





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Technical Requirements

IBM PC & 100% compatibles

Minimum Configuration:
Requires an installed full version of The Settlers® III.
166 MHz Pentium®
2 MB Graphic Card (DirectX®-compatible)
Free hard disk space:
The Settlers® III: 250 MB
The Settlers® III: Quest Of The Amazons™: additional 150 MB
Monitor with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with 65,000 Colors (High Color)
Windows® 95 or Windows® 98 or Windows® NT 4.0
DirectX® 6.0

Recommended Configuration:
266 MHz Pentium®
Soundcard (DirectX®-compatible)
28.8 modem for Internet gaming

Local Area Network (LAN)
Settlers III Internet-Server
Settlers III World Ranking List
TCP/IP- and IPX/SPX-protocol
Circle Surround™



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