ow the Romans, Asians, Egyptians and Amazons can be yours. Available directly from Blue Byte Software, you can own one of the mighty warriors from each race created in PVC and carefully hand-painted in magnificent colors*. Each figure stands at approximately 4 inches tall, with the exception of the Amazon who reaches 5". Definitely a must-have for Settlers fans around the world! 
The strong Roman centurion stands his ground, wielding his sword and shield, defending the Roman Empire!
The forceful Asian warrior already in position with his Samurai sword ready to strike invading races!
The fearless Egyptian maintains his ground, armed with a spear not to be reckoned with!
And the powerful Amazon warrior armed with her bow and arrow, keeping a watchful eye for enemies!

Figures cannot be sold separately and each set is presented in a display package, refining these truly collectible treasures.

Ages 8 & up. *Colors may vary.

Blue Byte Software, Inc.