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Here's where you can get word from the horse's mouth. The people at Blue Byte keep you posted on the latest developments and the most important information.


FAQ & Hotline
Here's the problem solving corner. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are collected and answered. If you have any questions not dealt with here, Blue Byte's E-mail address and Hotline telephone number are listed here.


Single Player's Inn
Here's where Settler fans can meet to discuss all aspects of Single Player game play. You can pass on your favorite personal Tips & Tricks here, ask any questions you might have about the campaigns or just chat.


Multiplayer Just for Fun
This is the forum for all SETTLERS III online gamers who just want to have fun settling with other gamers from around the world on a non-ranked basis whatever the outcome. Exchange ideas, tricks and strategies.


Multiplayer Ladder
This is the meeting place for discussing the ranking lists on the Blue Byte Server, for arranging ranking list games or simply forging plans for getting the best of your arch-rival next time around.



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Please remember that Blue Byte Software develops games for gamers of all ages, and therefore we will do our utmost to keep this lobby fun for everyone. With your help, this can be done. If you would like to participate in this lobby, we recommend you take a few minutes to read and understand the following rules:

The netiquette applies for all message board and chat participants. We reserve the right to delete at once all postings which violate the netiquette.

Your participation in conferences and chats, are subject to review, modification, and deletion, without notice, by the Blue Byte Sysops manager responsible for this lobby.

Please do not use any profanities or sexually explicit language in this lobby or any of The Settlers III Message Boards.

Please do not use ethnic, racial, sexual, or religious slurs.

Please do not fight, provoke, or engage in personal attacks of any nature.

Please do not create a Login member ID with any sexually explicit profanities, innuendoes, or racial, ethnic, or religious slurs of any description.

Use of the The Settlers Online lobby for the promotion of any illegal activities is prohibited.

Always be considerate to all users in this lobby.

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated; hence making lewd and unnecessary comments, may lead to your removal from this lobby.

Please avoid excessive shouting (use of all caps) or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) or even lewd Emoticons.

Any impersonations of other Forum or Chat participants or particularly members of the Blue Byte Online Sysops Team is prohibited and will not be tolerated. False representation of yourself as a Blue Byte Employee or Settlers III Sysop can result in immediate termination of your Blue Byte Settlers III Online account.

The use of nicknames with the initials BB (BB_romulus, BBzaodai, AliKhanBB, etc.) is reserved exclusively for easy and unambiguous identification of Blue Byte employees. Nicknames of others containing the initials BB will be deleted to avoid any confusion.

Threatening or harassing tournament hosts, Settlers III Online Sysops, and Blue Byte employees is prohibited and can result in immediate termination of your Settlers III Online account. Without exceptions.

Settlers III Sysops cannot monitor Settlers III Online gamer's conversations or game play within individual games. Therefore, all game Hosts are empowered to remove (boot) players within their games and at their discretion.

Lastly, please remember this Code of Conduct and encourage Online Settlers III member to adhere to it. back to top


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