Update for Settlers III Map Editor Version 2.05:

  • A couple of corrections have been made

Update to version 1.60:

  • The update to version 1.60 eliminates the coal bug.

Hotfix for Settlers III Gold Edition UK (Version 1.58)

Manual or Automatic Update:
THE SETTLERS III features an automatic Update Service. After starting a ‘Multiplayer Internet‘ game a connection to the SETTLERS III Server is established, the update is automatically copied to your hard-disk and initiated. Manual download is not required.

However, if you want to perform the update manually, please follow the instructions below.

Manual Update:

  1. Download the self-installing update file into your Settlers3 root  directory, not into your "Patches" subdirectory.
  2. Start the file by double clicking its icon in the Windows Explorer window. The update will install itself automatically.
  3. Start The Settlers III. The file converter will run automatically.
  4. Update is complete.


Update from version 1.38 and earlier to version 1.60Download
4.20 MB
Warning! This update ushers in some changes in the SETTLERS III world. After updating, it will no longer be possible to play old saved games except those from the campaign maps! If you have any saved games that you want to finish up, do this before you log in on the Settler Server!


Update from version 1.50 and later to version 1.60Download
3.02 MB
The current version of your SETTLERS III installation is displayed in the lower left corner of the Main Selection Screen.

Information about versions


Update for Settlers III Map Editor Version 2.05Download
196 KB


Hotfix for Settlers III Gold Edition UK
Registry-Fix for the UK Gold-Edition MissionCampaign-Language Error.
If you have german text in your missionbriefing then..

  1. Download mission_language_fix_uk.reg
  2. Just double-click the Repairfile 'mission_language_fix_uk.reg' or choose 'Merge' with right Mouse-Button.
  3. After confirmation, language-troubles are fixed

DON'T USE IT, if you haven't the Gold-Edition of SETTLERS III!
DON'T USE IT, with the german 'SIEDLER III Gold Edition'!
DON'T USE IT, if you don't have version 1.58!


New Direct Play Version 6.1a!
Microsoft has released a new version 6.1a of Direct Play. It is supposed to fix and optimize the Direct Play multi-player protocols. Therefore, we recommend every player to install this version of Direct Play. 
Here is where to find it: