The Settlers III - Maps

Looking for new Settlers III maps?
Blue Byte considers this fan site to be one of the best locations to upload and download new maps: The Settlers Map Base

Holiday Maps
In celebration and spirit of the holidays and in accordance with the wildly successful launch of The Settlers III, Blue Byte Software is offering gifts. We've put together two holiday themed single player maps for use with the full version of The Settlers III.

MASTREE - The first map, titled Mastree, pits two rival Egyptian tribes against one another in a classic struggle for power. Ore and Gems are rare, and a large mountain range in the center of the map should make for some interesting strategic scenarios. Notice it's shaped like a Christmas tree. (218 KB)


STAR - The second map, titled Star, is a little smaller than Mastree, and should make for a little quicker game. This map has a weakened Roman legion facing off against a growing Egyptian kingdom. (190 KB)

How to use the maps
To use these maps, simply copy each map into your Bluebyte\Settlers3\Map\Single directory. Note- this is the default directory for all single player map locations. If you installed the game to another directory other than Bluebyte\Settlers3, then you'll simply need to locate that directory and place these files in there accordingly.

While these maps are intended to be single player scenarios, it is possible to use these as multiplayer maps as well. To do this copy each file into the MULTI directory as well. These maps only support two players in a multiplayer game, and because the scenario is predefined the game will not be balanced for each player.

Blue Byte Software wishes everyone Happy Holidays. See you Online!


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